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About Athletic Inks

Athletic screen printing inks are a special blend of plastisol that is better suited for printing on materials such as: 100% nylon, 100% polyester, nylon/lycra, nylon/spandex, polyester/lycra, and polyester/spandex blends. One Stroke Inks manufactures athletic inks formulated for each of these materials. learn more

Screen Printing Uniforms

Due to the difficult nature of screen printing uniforms, the printer must always take notice of many different factors. These factors include: ink selection, dryer speed and temperature, flash time and temperature, and uniform color. Always check the tag of the uniform to be sure of the material. Pre-testing is vital. learn more

Adding Nylon Catalyst

The only time it is recommended to use a nylon catalyst with athletic inks is when you are printing on water resistant or waterproof materials. Team bags and jackets will commonly require the use of catalyst. learn more

Curing Athletic Inks

Proper curing the screen printing ink is critical on all materials. This can be a very difficult process when printing on nylon and polyester athletic uniforms. Testing the temperature of the conveyor dryer and knowing the time the garment is spending under the heat can be the difference between many seasons of use and an angry customer wanting new uniforms. learn more

Flash Time & Temperature

Flash time and temperature will vary dramatically depending on many factors including the flash unit, garment type, and the exact ink you are screen printing with. Every ink is different and should be treated as such. learn more

Industry Links

Visit the links to our partners for more information about screen printing plastisol ink and One Stroke Inks. links

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