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When to use Nylon Catalyst

Nylon catlayst is required in an athletic ink when it is to be printed on water-treated items such as jackets and bags. If the tag says "waterproof" or "water resistant" anywhere, you should definately add the nylon catalyst to the proper ink. If the jacket/bag is nylon, use the 222 Series inks. If the jacket/bag is polyester, use the Pure Plus White or Athletic 3001 colors for best results. No nylon catalyst is required when printing our athletic inks on uniforms.

How Much Nylon Catalyst

The general rule for mixing a nylon catalyst with plastisol ink is 10% catalyst to 90% ink by weight. Using a digital scale is a very good idea. You may run into peeling if you do not mix enough catalyst in the ink. The scale will give you an accurate measurement every time.

Clean Your Screen Immediately!

Nylon catlayst will harden in your screens after only a few hours. Do not leave ink in your screen that has been mixed with nylon catalyst and do not put the ink back in the bucket. Only mix the ink that you will use in the following few hours.


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